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David's Story

David is a longstanding service user of the Borders Brain Injury Service. He sustained his head injury in 2014 following a rare brain condition called Chiari Malformation, which he describes as meaning “your brain is too big for your skull”.

This lead to dizziness, black outs, vision problems and severe migraines. To help David’s condition he had part of his skull removed as well as a piece of the arch of his vertebrae. This allows more space for the fluid to flow in his brain.

Over the years David has adjusted to his condition and has successfully completed a number of academic courses including a level 5 business course, an HNC in travel and tourism, and this year graduated with an HNC in events management.

He has met with his support worker regularly over the past months, going for walks and eventually progressing to meeting for coffee and a chat.

How we helped:

  • Help gaining understanding of the effects of a head injury

  • Coping strategies following injury

  • Support for memory and cognitive challenges

  • Ongoing support helping to deal with life challenges


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