About Us

Dynamic Community Fusion (DCF) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) established in 2019. It operates throughout the Scottish Borders.  


A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. 

Our aim

Our aim is to make a positive difference to people’s lives. We are interested in developing new solutions which help marginalised groups to engage and participate in society to the fullest possible extent.

Working together

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Using existing relationships with established organisations, and creating new relationships to challenge and address unmet needs helps us to deliver a service where we can enhance people’s quality of life.

Our goals

To help achieve its goals, DCF collaborates with Scottish based employability and education provider Triage, with Triage providing access to resources and know how.  DCF and Triage are associated companies, sharing the same non-executive directors.

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