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About Us

Dynamic Community Fusion (DCF) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) established in 2019. We operate throughout the Scottish Borders and North East of England.

Our vision

is to create an equitable society where all individuals are socially and economically empowered to fulfil their potential. 

Our mission

is to pioneer, test and deliver innovative solutions to address challenging social issues: inspiring future generations and leaders of tomorrow by putting people and communities at the heart of development and change.

Our approach

We believe everyone is capable of growth and transformation in their lives. 

Our approach promotes independence in vulnerable and marginalised groups: supporting autonomy over their lives and elevating them to achieve their full potential to contribute toward social, economic and community growth.

Our goals

To support in achieving our goals, DCF collaborates with employability and education provider Triage. Dynamic Community Fusion and Triage who share the same directors, co-operate to facilitate access to resources and know how. 

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"I want to make you the best you can be." Founder, Kate Carnegie MBE

Kate’s passion in life has always been to help people thrive and achieve in their lives. Having founded Triage (an employability, skills and workplace training company) in 1998, Kate was awarded an MBE in 2011 in recognition of the life changing work she has delivered. Over the span of the last twenty years under Kate’s leadership, Triage has supported nearly 48,000 people into employment. 

Kate’s insight into the challenging social issues and inequalities experienced by individuals and communities across Scotland and the North East of England became a significant driving force behind the establishment of DCF in 2019. This has been further supported by our additional five Board members who bring a combined wealth of experience within the legal, health, social, education, business, and voluntary sectors.

Find out more about our team below.

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