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Anthony's Story

Anthony took part in the Borders Cognitive Advice Service delivered by Dynamic Community Fusion (DCF).

“Before I had my stroke I was living a normal life. I was participating in my hobbies of archaeology, bird watching and walking in the hills,” said Anthony.

Anthony accessed the service in the hopes of regaining his fitness and building his confidence:

“At first, I could walk a hundred yards but now I can walk a mile; I feel better!”

“I live in the middle of nowhere and I want to be able to climb the hills surrounding like I used to,” said Anthony. “My support worker Mark has been brilliant. He has enabled me to socialise more and helped me work towards my goals of fitness and conversation.”

“Although I am only half way through my journey I can walk and talk better. I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish with more time with Mark.”

How we helped:

  • Help building confidence

  • Coping strategies for coming to terms with his stroke

  • Ongoing support helping to deal with life challenges


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