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Dynamic Community Fusion addresses challenging social issues across Scotland and the North East of England, to give all individuals the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

About Us


We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the same access to support, advice, and early help, whenever they most need it: so, they can live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

We achieve this by delivering a range of health and wellbeing services that equip individuals with the confidence, life skills and resilience they need to develop and improve their capabilities.

Unlocking their own unique skills and talents, we motivate individuals to become active in their self-development; and empower them to make autonomous decisions and plans for their future. 

Connecting people, we mobilise communities to lead change, address unmet needs, and ensure that no-one is left behind. 

2022 Impact


individuals over 55 reconnected with their wider community


  individuals supported to self-manage their condition


support groups delivered to engage rurally isolated individuals


individuals supported through financial inclusion activities


services, voluntary organisations and community groups consulted with

Art Fun

Volunteer Case Study

Mandy’s Journey


Mandy has been a volunteer with us from the very beginning. Passionate about helping others, and supporting her local community, Mandy volunteers for a number of organisations, including Dynamic Community Fusion (DCF). With a background in nursing, Mandy has always wanted to improve people’s health and wellbeing and ensure that all individuals have equal access to support and healthcare when it is needed.

We always understand that life is never the same each day, week or month that goes by. Mandy has supported us over the years in a variety of ways: sometimes giving regular and consistent support to our service users, and other times taking a step back when life just gets in the way. Leading activities such as an Art Group, Mandy also offers informal advice and support, gets involved in group activities, and has always been willing to ‘muck in’ with the shopping and food preparation. 

When asked why Mandy chooses to volunteer with DCF, Mandy has said that ‘we are a family here’; ‘our role as a volunteer is to keep the service going. To support when we are needed, and to bridge the gap.’  

Join us in our mission to address challenging social issues, by volunteering with us today. Find out more about our volunteering opportunities below.

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