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Susan's Story

Susan sustained an acquired brain injury in October 2019. The injury caused severe fatigue, cognitive problems and headaches, leaving her unable to work to her full capacity on the farm she shares with her husband.

Nowadays, Susan is almost back to her usual working hours on the farm and able to go full days without napping.

She takes part in most farm duties and runs the lambing shed in her husband’s absence. Recently, Susan assisted with the delivery of a lamb which involved the need to think and act quickly - something that can be challenging with a brain injury.

Susan and her husband have been working extremely hard on recovery with interventions to help Susan feel more like herself again. Over the past year they have set weekly goals to contact friends, created strategies to challenge negative thoughts, worked on speech, developed ways of helping with memory and introduced ways of acknowledging achievements.

With her speech improving, Susan’s husband also sees her confidence growing and she is communicating more frequently with friends and family.

How we helped:

  • Partner support

  • Memory aids

  • Challenging negative thoughts


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