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Navigating Change


We are helping individuals to better navigate their lives following trauma and major life transitions. 


We adopt a person-centred and multi-agency approach to working with adults of all ages, to:

Address complex issues, including substance misuse and homelessness

Build support networks

Develop skills, confidence, and resilience

Improve mental health, overall wellbeing, and aspirations for the future

We primarily support those most at risk of isolation, who are struggling to access mainstream services, and/or who are living in remote areas. 

We can support you through a combination of services: 

One-to-one mentoring, advice and guidance

Befriending and peer-support

Essential Life skills development

Resettlement support


Connecting you with other services and activities in your local area, we support you the navigate the life changes that you are facing; regain control over your next steps; and become empowered to make informed decisions for your future.

“I attempted suicide due to past trauma and with help from the DCF team, I went to talk to doctors. Without this support I would have struggled a vast amount.”Service User

“The support group has helped me feel more confident that we are not alone anymore, we are not isolated. We are part of a large family and people who are there to help when we need it.” Service User

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