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Bettering Young Futures 

We are working with young people and multi-agencies across the North East of England and Scotland, to develop programmes that bridge the gaps for those facing adverse challenges in their lives. 

In partnership with employability, skills and workplace training company, Triage, we are developing targeted early intervention support and intervention for young people and their families: to improve their outlook for their future and longer-term prospects; and to give them the best chance in life to succeed and achieve their full potential. 

Our programmes in development are targeted toward supporting individuals aged between 11 and 18 years, who are: at risk of disengagement from school; undergoing assessment for a neurodivergent condition; and/or struggling with “low-level” mental health. 

We have invested significant amounts of time in our research, consultations, and testing phases, to ensure that the programmes we develop are in line with what is most needed. 

If you are a young person or the parent/guardian of an individual aged 11-18, and living in the North East of England or Scotland, contact us to find out more about the type of support that you may be able to access in the near future; and see how your voice will make a difference to the lives of others in your community. 

“I was crying out for attention in school. I acted up because I needed help. But no one was there. If I had support in school, things may have been different for me.”     - DCF Focus Group, Young Person’s voice. 

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