Reconnect With Confidence Team

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Lauren Scott-Anderson

Service Manager


After 16 years of working within Management in General Practice, Lauren was looking for a new career challenge. She was drawn to the role of service manager for the Borders Brain Injury Service as it meant she could carry on doing what she feels most passionate about – helping others and making a difference in people’s lives.


In 2021, Lauren began studying a Foundation Degree in Leadership and Management of Health & Social Care, she also has a qualification in Pharmacy Studies and many years of experience of working within Medicines Management. 


Gillian Walker

Welfare Benefits Adviser


Gillian began her career in the Citizens Advice Service specialising in welfare benefits and debt advice. During this time, Gillian worked on several projects including the Help to Claim Universal Credit Programme and the Warm and Well Project maximising incomes. Having also worked as a Financial Inclusion Advisor for a local housing association, Gillian has travelled the Scottish Borders advising about welfare benefits and helping people manage their tenancies.


Gillian now advises and assists people with brain injury or neurological conditions to maximise their incomes with welfare benefit and tax credits claims.


Daniel Vicentini


Community Inclusion Worker


Daniel’s role requires him to work with many external partners including local authorities, voluntary organisations and the NHS, where he used to work as a healthcare support worker.

Tackling isolation and loneliness Daniel works on a one-to-one basis with programme participants looking holistically at their wellbeing. Following these assessment Daniel works together with his participants to set goals that will enable them to reintegrate into their community and fulfill their personal aims.

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Judith Purves

Financial Inclusion Worker


Having worked in a bank for many years, Judith moved to work for a charitable organisation supporting clients with an illness or disability to employ their own carers and manage their own care. Judith brings a wealth of experience to her DCF role.

She now supports people with brain injuries or neurological conditions in developing their skills, knowledge and confidence in dealing with their finances and ultimately enabling them to become more financially stable.